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A Virgo gets along best with Taurus and Capricorn, the other Earth element signs.

Because a Virgo has a strong analytical brain, they think very similarly to Taurus and Capricorn, and all three of these signs share the same sense of loyalty for their loved ones. A Libra is a happy-go-lucky sign that can be a positive partner and inspiring mate.

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Their strong sense of doing the right thing and their natural creativity can help you find your own potential and grow. They are attracted to artistic and caring people. Because a Libra tends to be an independent thinker, they get along well with fiesty Fire signs Leo and Sagittarius. A Leo is not afraid to go after what their heart feels called to do which appeals to the Libra.

A Sagittarius has a very compassionate heart and understands many kinds of people, which helps stimulate the intellectual side of a Libra. A Scorpio wants to know their partner on a deep level and has a strong desire for physical intimacy. Once they are interested in you, they will give you lots of attention. They can help you see the deeper aspects of yourself and allow you to get to know your deepest desires.

The best partners for a Scorpio are other Scorpios as well as Pisces. Because a Scorpio understands the intensity that they live with on a daily basis, they really understand each other well. A Pisces also lives more based on their heart than their head just like a Scorpio, and Pisceans love to go deep into anything emotional. A Sagittarius loves to explore the world with their partner.

They want to understand the world in its entirety so they get along well with curious-minded people who love to learn new things.

12 Astrology Zodiac Signs Dates, Meanings and Compatibility

They want a partner who is also a perpetual student of life. A Sagittarius is often spontaneous and needs to learn to check in with their partner before making decisions.

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A Sagittarius is a great match for Leo and Aries. Because of the adventurous spirit all three of these signs share as Fire signs, they just get each other. The passion with which they all live also makes these signs a great match. A Capricorn is a loving and dedicated partner who shows their affection through providing for their partner and helping them feel safe.

The Capricorn is known for being loyal, consistent, and not afraid to spoil their partner. According to a zodiac signs compatibility chart, Capricorn wants a partner who shows they are responsible. An area they struggle with is balancing enjoying life with their strong work ethic. The Capricorn gets along best, perhaps surprisingly, with Water signs Pisces or Scorpio. The intense work ethic of a Capricorn is understood by the focused, all-or-nothing nature of the Scorpio. A Capricorn also loves to live well just like a Pisces who will take every opportunity to indulge their senses.

This friendly and big picture minded sign needs their space in relationships because they are a revolutionary spirit. They are able to offer inspiration to follow your goals as well as intellectually stimulating conversations. Aquarians are a great match for the other two Air signs, Gemini and Libra, who are known to be idea people motivated by the greater good. A Pisces is an artistic and loving person who enjoys music and going with the flow of life instead of being overly serious. A Pisces is a flexible, adaptable person that can entertain you anywhere.

They are open to discussing new viewpoints and tend to be outside-the-box thinkers. They love unique spirits who are in touch with their feelings. The Moon in Cancer is in her sign of rulership which deepens and intensifies her emotions. It is important that the Cancer Moon has a home that provides the nurture and security she needs for her emotional well being.

A place that she can retreat to when the going gets tough. This Moon is prone to adverse mood swings and can take offence to any slight and will either comfort eat or escape into her fantasy world to sooth her emotional wounds. The Moon in Taurus has a great need for financial and material security, this Moon is fond of good food and material comforts to keep her satiated and emotionally fulfilled. Overindulgence can be this Moons downfall as she tends to comfort eat when the going gets tough. It is so important for the Moon in Taurus to keep herself busy and upbeat, maintaining a routine will help her to not succumb to idle luxury.

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  4. The Moon in Libra is very popular and sociable; she is full of grace and strives for a beautiful and harmonious environment. Beautiful people and the beautiful pleasures in life will keep her satiated and confident in her ideal world, although it causes the Moon in Libra to have unrealistic view of her relationships and will sugar coat the unpleasant aspects of them to avoid confrontation.

    The New Moon begins in Aries on the 26th April at GMT The Moon in Aries has a volatile and emotionally impulsive nature and behaves in precipitous ways regardless of the consequences.

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    This Moon is very independent and will follow her own path of action whether right or wrong, interference from others will make her rebellious, irratable and grouchy. It is important for the Moon in Aries to find a sense of inner peace, as her restless nature incites insomnia, headaches, toothaches and acid indegestion. The Full Moon reaches its peak in Virgo on the 11th April at GMT The Moon in Virgo has good concentration skills and a retentive memory but does have a tendency to over think things, becoming obsessed with petty details and perfectionism.

    Serious minded and very guarded with her feelings, the Moon in Virgo can come across as highly unrealistic and narrow minded. What an amazing time to be alive and witness some of our most profound transformations! Times are changing rapidly and knowing correct star placements really makes all the difference!

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    The Moon in Pisces is an extremely sensitive Moon and is psychologically vulnerable to the atmosphere of her environment. It is so important for this Moon to develop her own inner sense of peace and harmony as her psychic awareness can be so overwhelming at times, that she can easily lose touch with reality; escaping into the realms of illusion and delusion, when reality becomes too harsh for her to face. The Moon in Leo wears her heart on her sleeve and has a great need for love and appreciation. The Leo Moon is confident, generous and very regal in her appearance.

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