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The Full Moon on the 15th occurs at the top of your solar chart, reminding you of the need to pay special attention to your work or reputation. A responsibility or a call to action is likely now. While you could feel some pressure to perform, don't push yourself too hard. Romance and pleasure-seeking are in sharp focus as the month progresses. Desires come on quickly and with great force in August and September. As Mars, Venus, the Sun, and Mercury all head into your joy sector, a shift of focus to more creative, friendly, and pleasure-seeking activities occurs.

Surprises are in store, and they're pointing you in new directions! Unusual turns of events surrounding creative projects, romance, friends, and children are possible. Choose to grab invitations to go out and have some fun but try to keep one foot on the ground, particularly when it comes to money. You are on fire in the personal appeal department in the last week of August, and there can be more than one admirer to juggle. You might bring great pleasure to someone's life or choose to chase a pleasure yourself. You are exceptionally aware of--and awake to--the world around you.

Your courage builds, especially when it comes to sharing yourself with others, and creative enthusiasm is with you. You are heading into a very dynamic period for personal relationships and self-expression! Forward-looking, creative energy is with you, or events and situations make you feel vital.

You're unlikely to encounter much resistance to going after what you want, on your terms! The urge to make a splash or to take a risk is strong. You approach others in new ways as you have your eye on making progress and improvements.

Pastimes, pleasures, and people that break the mold are more attractive to you than usual. After the fabulous New Moon on the 30th, you may revive or begin rewarding hobbies, enjoy healthier relationships with children, and possibly fall in love or enjoy new channels for expressing and enjoying yourself to the full. The is especially strong for romance, but the brand new beginnings tend to come after the New Moon on the 30th and into September.

It's all about finding and following your joy, and this abundant energy follows you next month, too. Horoscope Overview for August for Gemini:. You are expressing yourself with more charm, and you are less hurried both in speech and movement as you begin the month, dear Gemini. You have the opportunity to smooth over troubled areas with siblings, acquaintances, and even neighbors if necessary.

The lines of communication open with others. Increasingly, your home and family life come into sharp focus this month, and they're set to improve and grow even further in September. Home improvement endeavors are favorable after the 30th, but in the week before the New Moon on that date, you have plenty of chances to get these things started.

You are building up your confidence in or enthusiasm for a project, a course of study, idea, or pursuit in the first half of August. With others around you responding well, you feel even more motivated.

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It's a great time for opening up a dialogue with a significant other or for focusing on making plans or solving problems in a partnering-up or counseling scenario. You may meet someone new or more fully enjoy a person who is already in your life. Connecting with and building faith in a relationship can be in focus and rewarding. Partnering or pairing is favored, or you might discover new and more satisfying ways to express yourself. You're excited about expanding and growing a project, personal writings, or a connection.

You can meet someone special while running an errand, in the neighborhood, through the phone, or at a class. Jupiter's direct turn in your partnership sector on the 11th is a breath of fresh air, putting you in a better position to see the benefits of partnering going forward.

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Or, there could be more helpful, happy, or pleasing people coming or coming back into your life. Even with increased family focus as the month advances, your social life is set to grow, too. Moods lift. You can find much joy in feeling part of a partnership or close friendship. The Full Moon on the 15th is a call to expand your interests and experiences, particularly if you've been too focused on your personal life.

The power of your words is strong much of the month, and some of you will be quite prolific when it comes to writing or speaking. This lunation can bring surprising news from a relative or from afar.

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You may also be dealing with unexpected transportation issues, whether local or long distance. As the month progresses, making memories with family and getting some much-needed rest climb to the top of your priority list. Domestic life is likely to be animated at times, but mostly in a pleasurable way. The shift in focus begins with Mars moving into your sector of home and family on the 18th. Next, Venus and the Sun move into this area of your solar chart on the 21st and 23rd, respectively, and then Mercury follows on the 29th.

A New Moon happens on the 30th, capturing all of this concentrated energy and prompting a fresh start. Themes related to your personal life and domestic world are strong, and they follow you into September. The last week of the month can stir strong desires and feelings, as well as a craving for more emotional interaction or a deeper connection with someone. If these energies are channeled well, you can come up with truly exciting and creative ways to improve your home or to enjoy family.

This is a period for making discoveries, particularly on the feeling level or concerning relationships.

Candidly talking about intimate or personal matters and clearing the air can be rewarding. Surprises may be in store with your feelings and affections.


You might also feel especially excited to move past a previous restriction. There may be emotional breakthroughs or otherwise radiant energy that opens you up, as well as creative problem-solving in your domestic life or inner world. Getting rid of clutter in your home can be especially helpful for improving your outlook, as you can feel lighter and freer as a result.

This can also play out on another level as you let go of emotional "clutter" to free space in your heart and soul for new opportunities. Horoscope Overview for August for Cancer:. You'll find a great need to settle in and enjoy yourself in August, dear Cancer, but as the month advances, your curiosity increases. This can be a slightly indulgent month as your interest in comfort is active, and you want to enjoy what you have.

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Fortunately, you are more able to attract the things you want and need right now. You might make some very sound investments, particularly on items that improve your health or working environment, especially around the Financially, you seem to be in a good position to move forward with the plans you do make. You're more focused on your needs now, and this is a necessary and useful process when done in moderation. You're getting your bearings! In the first half of the month, you're especially interested in focusing on the positive things you already have in place in your life. Even so, your interest in work and self-care programs that inspire and motivate you is strong and rising.

Money, business, work, and health matters are favorable. You're ready to make the most of a situation, or you're willing to take slow and steady steps to improve your life. You have no interest in pushing things, and this attitude works well for you! Pacing yourself makes sense. A winning attitude attracts favorable circumstances, mainly related to work and business, and the chance to make your daily life or chores better, and even joyful can emerge. You may see what was blocking you in the past as you slow down, savor, and observe.

At the same time, motivation for work and health programs increases. The next several months are excellent for benefits from work, services, and health.

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For now, you're easing forward, and it feels comfortable. The Full Moon on the 15th can bring a reminder of overspending for some, but it can also be a time when you have cause to celebrate. As the month advances, it's an active time for changing mental interests, the entertaining original concepts, imagination, and networking, and this energy will continue into September. While at times you might be a little too quick to communicate or to present your ideas before they're truly ready, you are brimming with beautiful ideas and discovering all-new interests that inspire and motivate you.

You are especially passionate about your ideas, and you enjoy sharing them with others. Speaking, writing, and learning are in sharp focus. The last half of the month is a solid period for your relationships, and in particular with friends and siblings.

You're likely to strengthen your connections through shows of support and positive actions. Influences now boost your personal appeal in your communications, and they serve to excite your passions towards a particular project or learning endeavor. Conversations can be stimulating. You may be especially motivated to get a project started or to put finishing touches on a venture already in progress. This is also an excellent time to make a romantic connection. New interests and possibly love opportunities can be part of the picture in the last week of the month. Some of you could meet someone special through the phone, online, at school, or possibly in your neighborhood.

You're especially open to new ideas, topics, and friendships. Mental stimulation and variety are what you seek. There may be a surprising new crush, craving, or interest, and unusual or unconventional advice may be part of all of this. You may be pushing boundaries just a little in your conversations and interactions, and this can lead to exciting discoveries.

People are particularly enamored by your unusual ideas and progressive outlook. Opportunities can come from or through friends, groups, meetings, and communications.