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Astrology has been one of the tools for predicting events in entrepreneurship for a long time, needless to say, many keep this a secret.

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Love is not exactly the busiest area and it attracts very interested looks from Aryans this month. The love life is even going through a good time and should bring… … Continue Reading. Although the Taurus career is about to take the reins again, September will still be a month focused on family and emotional life. Last month, your planets moved massively from the eastern to the western sectors. Leos are entering yet another divided period in their lives.

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Even though planetary power is clearly positioned in favour of one of its hemispheres, its … Continue Reading. Last month, your planetary power shifted from the top to the bottom of the horoscope. But in September, this change will be even more intense for your sign with the … Continue Reading. Your personal independence, which was very strong last month, will be even more intense now. The time is ripe for pampering yourself and creating the desired conditions. Continue Reading.

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In August, its planetary power shifted from the West to the East, representing a major shift to the Scorpio. Your sign will become more independent and you will have … Continue Reading. Beginning on August 22, his planetary power shifted from the West to the East, beginning a period of personal independence that grows stronger every day.

However, Jupiter … Continue Reading. September is what Capricorn likes: career focused. In a way, that means the love life … Continue Reading. During August, your planetary power shifted from the night and bottom of the horoscope to the daytime and higher.

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Now, in September, an even more powerful change is about to … Continue Reading. Your email address will not be published.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. October 1, No Comments. October is not rich in astrological events, however, even this month several characteristic features are observed in the planetary motion. First of all, a powerful harmonious configuration attracts itself, in which five planets will be involved: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. A new moon in your sign is on the way!


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Read your monthly horoscope here. Your ruling planet Mercury retrogrades this month! Read your July horoscope here. Your ruling planet Venus is in Cancer and Leo this month; find out what that means and read your monthly horoscope here.

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Your ruling planet Pluto has some intense face-offs this month! The Mercury retrograde finds you catching up on all the parties you missed! Your ruling planet Mars enters Leo; find out what that means and read your monthly horoscope here. Your ruling planet Venus is in Cancer and Leo! Your ruling planet Mercury begins its retrograde! Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox?