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Send in the clowns! They have a gift for seeing the absurdity of human nature and turning it into comic material. This sign is ruled by the Centaur, a half-human, half-horse mythical creature. Busy Sagittarians have a million friends, projects and irons in the fire. As a result, they may not be the most reliable day-to-day allies. Personal development falls under the Sagittarius domain.

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Falling for a Sag? Proceed at your own risk. While they can be deeply loyal and monogamous, these explorers must first sow their oats. Get the Horoscope Guide! Sagittarius: About This Zodiac Sign. October Monthly Horoscope: War and Peace? It is economical, not clenched. Hyperbolic critical spirit makes it vague and could miss many opportunities in life. Virgo varies between pessimism and optimism, between elation and depression. Native of Virgo are often capricious. He is not an open hart, easy to decipher. Sometimes he is vain and react negatively when the offense is self-conceit.

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Sometimes discontent and criticism are overly powerful. Libra Horoscope Under the sign of balance, Libra native is charming in society and very good diplomat. Man of positive compromise, is a great generator of social harmony. Nothing makes him happier than solving a delicate situation. Noble, Libra not feeling well but surrounded by people. He needs entourage to display his talents. He is a good mediator and likes to work for peace and understanding. Although sentimental, loving and generous, Libra is rational.

He knows very well to make a balance between intuition and rationality.


Often he is surprising, but everything we do, mostly, is part of a plan long term. For Libra, maintaining balance is the most important thing in life. Born diplomat, has a perfect behavior in society. Flexible and much refinement, loves the arts: If you have talent can become a great artist.

He likes the luxury and live a comfortable life. He understands and, generally, is well understood by others. Libra is rather passive, more and react less acting. Role is to correct. Excessive luxury can become a flaw that can cost you very much.

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Vanity and ambition can do a lot worse. More discipline not do anything wrong. Scorpio Horoscope Scorpio native is courageous, energetic and determined. It is curious and interested in everything that is unknown and mysterious. A powerful and often refined, it becomes fascinating.

Sagittarius: About This Zodiac Sign

He is individualistic and appreciates solitude. For Scorpio, self-respect is very important. Often driven by feelings, is distinguished by perseverance. He loves not dreams. Always knows what he wants and pursues his goals with great tenacity. His instinct for preservation is the strongest. He is intuitive rather than rational. Scorpio is attracted by the mystical side of existence.

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Predictions Scorpio Feuary Nature: People born under the sign of Capricorn love order and exact schedules. Astrologue tablit votre horoscope en 10 minutes. Check your bingo horoscope for August here on OnlineBingoz. Sursa: horoscop-urania. They are generally illiant wealthy and happy. Not much can be done at home these days and time is needed to clarify things.

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