Pisces weekly horoscope 9 february

Cash flows in from hard work. Everything will go well for expecting mothers. Overseas journey favours during October and December.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 9th February 12222

Mars and Saturn combine is profitable for those involved in import export. October and December are good months for applying for visa. A Jupiter-Pluto combine will encourage you to aim high in professional life. July and October are good months for selling property. The Sun-Venus combination is a clear indication that you will remain content even if your gains are not up to the mark.

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Focus on spiritual discourse. Daily Sunday Special.

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A legacy to carry on Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of Sikhism, is a true social reformer, a great spiritual leader, who preached the gospels of love, universal brotherhood and oneness of mankind. It was an obvious choice Chasing big dreams.

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Tarot message: Take wise decision. Lucky colour: Orange Magic number: October 11 Pleasant news and a happy get together are the salient features of the year. October 7 Mars and Saturn combine is profitable for those involved in import export.

You may find yourself lacking in confidence and feeling generally unhealthy. There will be a tendency towards lethargy which may manifest as apathy. Low energy can be a theme.

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  7. You must avoid tying yourself to options, responsibilities or answers, just let yourself float and be and trust that things will develop and come in their own time. When you are feeling better, you can then take action, but now is not that time. You may accrue an unexpected source of money which will be very welcomed and appreciated and you will be very respected in wider society.

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    You will achieve what you set out to, just give it time. The spiritual world always calls to water signs and Pisces natives are possibly the most spiritual of all. This is such a healing and nourishing realm for you and should be visited often. Your attitude towards the end of the week is calm and composed. Surrender to life and see what it brings.

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