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These interpretations are just a possibility. Keep in mind that this reading is..

Taurus Horoscope - October asktheanswerdotcom. Visit our website to see all of our psychics! In this video Steve Judd gives his astrological forecast for Taurus in October Healing is needed, maybe for both of you, in regards to past failed relationships. Barbara Goldsmith. Taurus April Horoscope Forecast www. This video covers: Love, relationships, romance, money, finances, career, work, family, home, personal development, travel, health, s..

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Taurus Horoscope - September asktheanswerdotcom. In this video Steve Judd gives his astrological forecast for Taurus in September Taurus September Horoscope. September Horoscopes are here!


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We have a lot going on this month! Taurus October For private bookings, co.. Taurus October Astrology Forecast lemurian chick. Passion and stability are on the table, but can we open up emotionally to each other? Bookings for pr.. Did you enjoy this article? Please share it with your friends! Share Share Share Email. Monday, October 07, Main Event: Communicative Mercury in opposition to Uranus, Sun in a stressful angle to Saturn What to Expect: You may receive surprising news, experience unique insights, or feel forced to make sudden decisions.

Thursday, October 10, Main Event: Moon in favorable position to Mercury What to Expect: Clarity is abundant today, as your intuition and powers of perception are heightened. Sunday, October 13, Main Event: Full Moon in passionate Aries in harmony with expansive Jupiter What to Expect: Feelings of hope with a potential for struggling with letting things go. Weekly Forecast.

Your Soul Speaks with Mercury in Scorpio Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, will be leaving the sign of Libra to enter the mysterious sign of Scorpio on October 3rd. Start Now. Sigh…I feel so unwanted sometimes. Ignored, and he seems to lack compassion. We struggle in several ways. Selfish in certain areas.

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I have to admit the fire sign compatibility is true sexually. I also have 1 yr and about 6 mths until my degree is done. No matter who I choose I want to depend on me. Horrible, degrading ECT I lost myself for those 4yrs married to piesces. Now we both refuse to let each other go, how will this play out?? I actually stay n my bdrm alot although I have a son who should have my attention more I find it hard to b around ppl outside of my rm and I give in to easily so much so I get screwed over by ppl alot and I have a hard time figuring out what it is I truly want to do when it comes to my love life and the partner in which I can enjoy the rest of my life with.

I am a saggittarius woman and i married a sagittarius man! We have the dream life. And its rare to find a dream marriage combination nowadays. I am a Sagittarius woman in love with a Leo man. If he asks me to marry him, I would. We have known each other for over 40 yrs and have been in and out other relationships but neither of us never married. He was told by some of his closest friends that he will marry me.

Is it normal for sagatarius man to leave a relationship after 2 years with Aries woman. To be single for awhile. I am Cancer man i have being marrig almost 6 yrs my wife is Sagittarius, we dont have good enjoyable rest live feeling sick, really terrible. So long i was looking the kidds future and to be passion but personally i cnt at the moment to be passion even nearly 10 tomes so far our business and everything is collapsing , ,as well as even my wife wasnt bad but i sea that we ate not suitable each other all the time something is pressuring tdown famly live.

We have 2 children and two grandchildren. During these years we had to compromise more times than I can count but in the long run it did pay off as we are now closer and more in love than ever. We are now spending the last journey of our lives supporting and loving each other which undoubtedly is the result of working out our differences for the last 51 years.

I am philosophical and so is he. I love the stability this Taurus offers , he is very grounded and driven , and his Earth like attributes keeps me grounded from my day-dreams and wild expeditions. He often lets me do what I like daily and he follows, although he has asked for more routine.

Can we marry each other? Im a taurus woman and i can honestly say living with my partner who is saggitarius is making me ill, really depressed and at times lectured, the more i stand up to him the worse he gets too, im considering leaving but he runs the show so much i feel like a failure. Signs who are most likely to cheat.. I am a leo male.

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I have been in love with a Sagittarius for about 2 years she made promises to me that she wont marry anyone else rather then me.. But a few months back she started acting wired.. We have known each other on and off for 15 years. She recently has been diagnosed with stage 1 thyroid cancer.

We got a place together and will be taking it slow through a healing process.

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She said I am a strong man and her feelings are growing deep for me. I want to slip a ring on her finger. Only time will tell. I hope this gives some small incite to certain percentage of people in this situation. It is special and endearing. Married a Leo and divorced after I also, dated capricorn 3 yrs after my divorce— worst dating experience. He was as a user, controlling and sneaky. Maybe me want to throw in my Loyalty towel.

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